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Jutta Mai

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Krumme Straße 19

48143 Münster


Jutta Mai works under the artist name "Jumalovescolours". She is an artist who feels at home in the world of mixed-media art. Born in Lüdinghausen, Germany, in 1962, she transitioned from fashion to art. Today, she lives and works in Münster.

Her career in the fashion industry, from dressmaker to designer and cut direction to freelancer, deeply influenced her artistic development. The introduction of CAD systems (computer-aided design) revolutionized her work and opened up new creative possibilities. She then worked as a freelancer for three decades with various companies. During this time, she took courses at various studios and art schools.

After 30 years of successful freelance work, she now devotes herself entirely to art. She has developed a playful and colorful style. Inspired by nature and her deep intuition, her works are lively, colorful pictorial poetry characterized by paper collages, textures, encaustic, metal etching, and epoxy resin.

Jutta's art has been exhibited at Kunstverein Senden (2012) and Artbox, Projects Basel 2.0 (2023). Her evolution from fashion to art reflects her relentless search for expression and connection, a journey that remains alive in her work

Lichtberechnung_by jumalovescolours.jpg


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