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 "Circles," which embodies the beauty and complexities of the circle of life, with all its adventures and golden times. The dominant color of this piece is a vibrant pink with a flash of striking yellow, symbolizing joy and positivity. Underneath the colorful layers, hints of white and black add depth and contrast, bringing a sense of balance to the overall composition. Perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of energy and optimism to their space, "Circles" is a captivating addition to any encaustic art collection. Display this stunning piece in your home or office to inspire creativity and reflect the beauty of life's journey.


150,00 €Preis
  • Product Information

    This artwork is an original piece, created with mixed media on MDF board using the encaustic technique. It is ready to be displayed right away. 

    encaustic work should not be hung directly in the sun.
    The surface is usually uneven.

  • Size & Dimension

    15 x 15 cm / 3cm


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