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Be full of light, live full of light.
Embrace the beauty of light and strength with our stunning "Be Full of Light, Live Full of Light" art piece. This mixed media creation features stone cairns, traditionally used as symbols of strength and balance, alongside vibrant and colorful textures. The paper collage elements add dimension and depth to the artwork, creating a visually captivating piece that will command attention in any space. Finished with a lustrous resin coating, this art piece not only exudes light but also embodies the resilience and radiance that comes with living life to the fullest. Add a touch of positivity and inspiration to your home or office with this unique and meaningful artwork.

Be full of light, live full of light.

  • Product Information

    Original mixed media collage on MDF board, coated with epoxy resin.
    Ready to hang.

  • Size & Dimensions

    30 x 40cm x 3cm

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