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Just Be There 3

The Just be There 3, is a stunning piece of art that combines encaustic and resin for a truly unique and beautiful effect. The encaustic portion of the piece features a mix of bright and dark colors, creating a striking contrast against the black resin background. Adding to the visual interest is a golden metal strip that separates the encaustic and resin sections. The form on the black surface appears to float like a cell, adding a sense of movement and organic energy to the piece. This artwork is perfect for adding a touch of modern elegance to any space.

Just Be There 3

  • Product Information

    This artwork is an original piece, created with mixed media on wood board using the encaustic technique and resin. It is ready to be displayed right away. 

    Encaustic work should not be hung directly in the sun.
    The surface is usually uneven.

  • Size & Dimensions



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